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Get the Cheapest Health Insurance

The cheapest health insurance may consist of different things depending on how you intend to purchase it. Be sure to compare all of your options. For example, do not rule out searching online. There are many sites online that can help you achieve the cheapest insurance. For example, can aid in your search for the cheapest health insurance. There are private and public policies; here’s an explanation on how to get your hands on each type.

Private Health Plans

This is the type of insurance that is the most commonplace. It’s also the type that is offered through businesses and corporations to their employees. They can be rather expensive and you usually don’t have a choice on what type of plan you want and you have to have it if you intend to work at a certain place. The premiums are deducted out of your paychecks and you have to wait a while to be able to use your plan – at times up to a few months after employment starts.

Public Health Plans

Public health plans used to mainly consist of Medicare and Medicaid, but are more diverse now that there are new laws governing insurance. Under public plans, anyone can purchase insurance, essentially through the government. The plans are still offered from the same insurers you are used to, but the policies wouldn’t have been available just a few years ago unless you had a job at a company. This change is good for people that don’t have jobs or have the type of job that doesn’t offer insurance, including freelance work or owning your own business.

Both of these types of plans have policies that can fit your needs, although the private plans may be harder to understand due to the fact that they are broken down into different types. You’ll have to learn what all the different types are like if you are eligible to buy any of them through your job.

Either way, there are plans that are the cheapest health insurance from both public and private areas, so don’t worry about which way you obtain your insurance. Any policy can be the answer for you but you have to figure out what you are able to buy and what you can afford.


Depending on your employment situation, you could be eligible for public or private insurance plans. Nearly everyone can get public plans, but not everyone can purchase private insurance. Either type can offer the cheapest health insurance but you’ll have to do your homework to see which policies offer the best deals.